Falkenberg Cargo can offer all types of transportation. Road, Sea, Air, Rail and short sea. We can also offer special transports in case of wide, high, long or heavy goods.

We can offer you storage in our own warehouse in Falkenberg and in other parts of the country and in multiple places in Europe.

We choose to work near our clients and listen to their wishes and requests. We offer our clients help with customs and if there are any questions we can’t answer we use www.tullxperten.se to help us. We can also subscribe a transport insurance if the client need one.

We always strive for our clients to think we are easy to work with. We adopt after the clients requests in all possible ways. We take bookings via email, phone or fax.

Our office is in the port of Falkenberg which gives us good access to different forklifts, cranes and other loading vehicles.

Our vehicles always use the security equipment requested by law in each country and the drivers are educated in securing the goods. We can also offer transportation of dangerous goods and of course all the drivers are educated in this. If there is anything about dangerous goods we don’t know we call our safety adviser for dangerous goods www.transportjuristen.se

Everyone in the office speaks Swedish, English and German so that we can keep a close connection with clients and suppliers across the world.

We are not always the cheapest solution for transportation but we can guarantee you a service and a quality that is hard to find in many of our competitors.

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